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Authentic neapolitan cuisine

Forno Rosso was an idea born in 2013, to bring authentic Neapolitan recipes to downtown Brooklyn, to capture the Campania region’s essence. Chef Gualtiero makes authentic Neapolitan food attainable in Forno Rosso, a temporary teleportation to Naples. He never compromises on ingredients, authenticity and technique. For a brief moment, you can feel like you are enjoying your meal on Via Francesco Caracciolo.

“When I visited Italy many years ago, one of my most memorable food experiences occurred in Naples, Capri, and Amalfi. The mouth watering tangy Neapolitan pizza from those wood burning brick ovens, the Tyrrhenian Sea fresh caught seafood, the hand-made al dente pastas, have been seared into my mind and palate.

“Being a Brooklynite since 1973, I figured I could find similar fare somewhere in NYC, but no matter where I ate, it was never quite right.”